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For many years, CARR has been pushing for every motorist to get a black box recorder for a very simple reason. State governments are trying every which way to fleece motorists and motorcycle riders by fining them for a myriad of offences. Most of these offences rely on evidence given by infringement bureaus, such as photos taken by speed and red light cameras, or the testimony of police who lay in wait for motorists and accuse them of speeding or committing other offences. And all that motorists and motorcycle riders usually have in their defence is their word that they did not commit the offences of which they have been accused - and that word is usually not worth a cracker in court.

Please read the page on the CARR website titled Black Box Recorder to learn exactly what a black box recorder is - and why you should have the right kind of black box recorder. A dashcam will not provide the sort of data that you need to fight wrongful speeding tickets. An ordinary dashcam is a waste of money. Only a dual camera GPS-equipped black box recorder will do what is required.


CARR has now arranged with the Vacron manufacturer to supply the amazing Vacron VVH-MDE-31B 1080p Full HD dual camera GPS-equipped motorcycle black box recorder. This is a state of the art fully featured weatherproof recorder that will providethe hard evidence that a motorcycle rider needs to beat virtually any wrongful infringement or booking.

The Vacron VVH-MDE-31B motorcycle black box recorder has the following features:

GPS Logger Is A Vital Feature

Because the Vacron has a GPS logger, your speed and position, along with time and date, will be recorded whenever you ride. So if you are wrongly booked for speeding, you can very quickly destroy such accusations against you. Remember that the GPS data is the same that is provided to every commercial airliner, so a magistrate would find it almost impossible to reject it as evidence. The CarBox software displays a Google Map with your car's position, speed and track. Along with the date and time-stamped video recordings, this proves beyond a shadow of doubt exactly where and how fast you were driving.

Two 1080p full HD Cameras

This Vacron has two cameras. You can mount them wherever you like, but the usual spot is for one camera to face the front and the second camera facing the rear. That configuration should provide all the evidence needed to beat just about any wrongful infringement, especially with the GPS logging the speed. Motorcycle riders are usually alone unless they are carrying pillion passengers, so cops love stitching them up because there are no witnesses to refute a cop's lies. But the data from this Vacron motorcycle black box recorder will provide all the evidence needed to destroy a cop's false testimony in court.

Vacron CarBox Player Screenshot
Vacron CarBox Player Screenshot

The above photo is from the Vacron CarBox Player software that is used to play and store data from the Vacron VVH-31B black box recorder. This came from my own Vacron car black box recorder, but the presentation is the same for the motorcyc;le version and will give you an idea as to what you get. This was recorded in May 2017 on Kevin Coombs Avenue in the Sydney Olympic Park precinct. The data is very comprehensive and provides all the information that can be used to beat any wrongful bookings, as well as provide hard evidence in accidents and road rage incidents.

The two main video windows are from the forward camera and the rear camera, complete with date and time stamps. In this example, it is obvious in the video from the rear camera that both I and my son are wearing seat belts and I am not holding my mobile phone. So there is no way that a cop could get away with "stitching me up" me for those offences. Both the front and rear camera videos can be played in full screen mode. Of course on a motorcycle, the second camera will usually be taking videos to the rear of the motorcycle.

The panel on the left shows the GPS speed at the time I was driving on Kevin Coombs Avenue at Sydney Olympic Park - 60 kph in this 60 kph zone, inside the speed limit and provably so. There are GPS coordinates in that panel, so there is no question as to where my car was at the time. The compass icon will pop up a compass pointing to the direction my car was travelling at that moment.

Above that speed panel is the Google Map, clearly showing the exact location of my car and a trace of my path where I had been driving. So if a cop had been following me in an unmarked car and had then booked me for an offence and alleged that I had been on a different road and speeding, or indeed any other "verballing", the Google Map with its data, along with the time and date-stamped videos and GPS speed data would wipe him out in any courtroom.

Under the GPS speed data panel are the various playback controls and a volume control for audio playback. The Vacron has a microphone, so if a cop gets belligerent, a recording will be made of it. You can slow down or speed up the playback for closer examination in case of any incident that was recorded. There is a G-Sensor icon that will pop up the three axis G-Sensor data, showing bumps and impacts - terrific for insurance claims in collisions with other vehicles. On the left are icons for backup, settings and other features.

Now to the WiFi. This latest model has integrated WiFi and it enables communication with the free Vacron Player application on a smartphone. The Vacron Player can be downloaded for iPhone from the Apple App Store or for Android phone from the Google Play website.

Vacron Player Smartphone Application
Vacron Player Smartphone Application

The Vacron Player software is a free download for iPhone and Android smartphones and is relatively easy to use. The above photos are from my Vacron Player from my iPhone and show the video from the front camera and the rear very wide-angle camera. This is terrific, not just for checking what the cameras are seeing, but making sure that they are working and it will take snapshots and record videos from the cameras. There is a recording LED on the Vacron unit to show that it is functioning, but the ability to see exactly what the Vacron is doing with the Vacron Player smartphone application is very useful.

So this Vacron VVH-MDE-31B gives the complete picture and provides hard evidence as to exactly what has happened whenever the motorbike is being ridden. This device is essentially the infallible silent witness that is there at all times to prove that a rider was not speeding, not riding dangerously or distractedly and was not doing anything illegal. Magistrates will almost invariably take the word of a cop over that of a motorist trying to beat a ticket - but the hard evidence from the Vacron will immediately provide the evidence that will torpedo any wrongful prosecution.


The Vacron requires a Class 10 SD flash memory card that must be purchased separately. CARR recommends that you purchase one with the maximum 128GB capacity for this Vacron model. This memory card can be obtained almost anywhere, but there is a good on-line vendor called Shopping Square that sells suitable 128GB Class 10 SD cards for around $60 to $70.


The Vacron CarBox Player will only run under Microsoft Windows. If you have an Apple Mac or Linux computer, you will need to install Windows emulator software or a dual boot facility that will run Windows and hopefully the CarBox2 Player can be used.


DISCLAIMER - CARR is not a retailer or dealer. CARR is merely performing this service for its subscribers and other motorists by assisting them to acquire what is arguably the best car black box recorder on the market directly from the manufacturer. CARR is NOT responsible for any faults or warranties and if the equipment is faulty, it must be sent back to the manufacturer for repair under warranty at the purchaser's cost. As this is not a retail sale, there is no provision for return or exchange of the item to CARR.