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Here is a summary of things to do to avoid being booked and avoid paying any more than you have to for being a motorist. If you take all these precautions, you can save yourself a lot of grief and money. There is much information on this website that goes into detail about various techniques and methods to avoid being a victim of revenue-raising, but this checklist puts them in one place.


Use a GPS receiver and install the latest speed and red light camera databases and switch on the audible and visual warnings, so that you will always be alerted to slow down when approaching these revenue-raisers and you won't ever get booked. There are also GPS databases with school zones, so it's a good idea to enable the warnings for these. Whenever you drive, keep your GPS switched on all the time, even if you know the way, because the camera alerts will save you from getting booked. Also enable the "Avoid Toll Roads" option and save a lot of money by always avoiding expensive toll roads that are often slower than free public roads.

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Use a Bluetooth hands-free car kit at all times and install a commercially made cradle for your mobile phone. These Bluetooth devices are very cheap now, with some of them being well under $50. Every modern mobile phone has Bluetooth, so there is no excuse to be booked for holding a mobile phone to the ear when driving. This offence is very prevalent and it's amazing to see how many stupid motorists get caught, because people driving and talking on phones can be easily seen by police. It can all be avoided by using a Bluetooth hands-free device.

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This is vital. Get a GPS-enabled dual camera dashcam that will log everything that happens outside and inside your vehicle when you drive, including a date and time stamped exact position by GPS, video, audio and other parameters. If you get wrongly booked, the data from the dashcam is your hard evidence to destroy the infringement in court. Not only that, it's your unimpeachable witness in an accident or road rage incident, where you will be able to prove exactly what happened.

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If you are pulled over by a policeman, turn your engine off, get out of your car and lock the car doors. Start video and audio recording the encounter on your phone or camera to gather evidence for your defence if matters proceed to court. If the cop asks why you locked your car, you don't have to answer him - say nothing. NEVER admit anything. You are NOT required to justify anything to a cop or do anything more than show the cop your driver licence or submit to a breath test and even that is under investigation as to whether such tests breach one's right to refuse to incriminate themselves. Whatever questions he asks you, do not respond in any way except by saying NO COMMENT. If he tries to provoke you into making admissions, do not respond in any way.

Cops are trained to trick motorists into make admissions that can be used against them and these days they record such encounters, so tell them nothing. If they ask to look inside your car, tell them that they cannot do so without a search warrant or without just cause. State that you are a law-abiding citizen and you have the right to privacy and that they have no just cause to search your vehicle. Then politely ask them if you are under arrest. If they say no, then you get back in your car and drive off, knowing that the cops have absolutely no legal grounds to detain you.

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If you have a confrontation with aggressive or rogue police officers or indeed any cops for any reason, make sure that you video record the entire incident. If you don't do this, then it's your word against that of the cops if anything proceeds further or you have to take the matter to court or make a complaint to the Police Integrity Commission. Under the Surveillance Devices Acts and Listening Devices Acts in various jurisdictions and as stated in official police force handbooks, you have the legal right to record anything in public and you are permitted to record anything that will protect your legal interests. Never ever allow cops to bully you into stopping recording them - it's your legal right to do so.

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Avoid toll roads at all times. The money you save can be extraordinarily high, with some motorists who have taken CARR's advice saving a whopping $6000 and more per year, all for spending a few extra easy minutes in the car each day listening to the radio or a CD. Use your GPS with the "Avoid Toll Roads" option always enabled to plot routes avoiding toll roads and you will save a lot of money.

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Don't shop in places where there are exorbitant parking fees. There are plenty of shopping centres where parking is free. By patronising those, you can avoid the hassle of forking out for expensive parking and risking being booked if you are a couple of minutes late returning to your car. If you really need to get something from places like Sydney or Melbourne CBD, either catch public transport or use a courier service, which is invariably cheaper than driving to the city and paying the parking fee and possibly incurring an expensive parking fine. It will save you time, money and avoids the risk of being booked.

If you park at a defective parking meter, take a photo. Most mobile phones have built-in cameras, so enable the time-stamping feature and get evidence of the defective meter and if you are booked, you can fight the fine. The law is that if you offer payment for a something and it is refused, then you can take the service for free, as it is then considered to be a gift. Therefore you can beat any parking fine if you offered to pay for it and the meter didn't accept the payment. But you need the evidence and photo and hopefully a witness such as somebody with you will kill the fine completely.

If you have to park at a spot where you are required to display a ticket in your car, take a time-stamped photo of it on your dashboard before you walk off. If you come back and find that you have been booked for allegedly not displaying a ticket, you will have hard evidence and can beat the fine. Sydney City Council makes a fortune from this form of revenue-raising, so take active measures to protect yourself against this ripoff.

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