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  1. CARR subscription is only available to Australian residents.

  2. CARR cannot provide you with individual advice about your infringments and other issues or discuss your matters by phone. A CARR subscription will only provide important and informative emails. If you need proper legal advice about traffic infringements and legal matters, please consult a lawyer or other expert.

  3. All your submitted details must be accurate, ESPECIALLY YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS AND A VALID PHONE NUMBER, so that CARR can contact you if emails to you keep bouncing back. If this occurs and CARR cannot contact you by phone, your subscription will be terminated without notice. Your details will always remain completely confidential and will not be disclosed to anybody.

  4. If you use a spam filter or high security email inbox settings, please ensure that the CARR email address is whitelisted. If emails to you bounce back a number of times, your subscription will be cancelled without notice, as it is futile to send you material that you will not receive.


Before you think of applying to be a CARR subscriber, you need to be aware that I am extremely politically incorrect. I often send out opinion pieces that may be offensive to many people, especially religious folk and even more so, very offensive to Muslims. I make no apology for this, even if it grossly offends people. I see no valid reason why I should respect or deal with anybody who follows a doctrine that requires them to kill me if I do not convert to Islam. Yes, I have read the Koran and that is what it requires Muslims to do.

CARR is owned and operated by me and although CARR is a community organisation that serves citizens in the public interest, it is my right to express any opinions that I see fit. It is also entirely my choice as to whom I accept or reject as CARR subscribers and there is nothing that will force me to deal with somebody with whom I do not wish to associate. My decisions are final and there is no appeal against them.

So if you are politically correct and easily offended or you are a member of the so-called Religion Of Peace that is anything but that, I advise you not to apply to subscribe or even visit the CARR website. If you do not like my policies, you are welcome to complain to an anti-discrimination tribunal, but it won't get you anywhere.

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