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It is obvious that neither the Liberal or Labor parties care anything for motorists, apart from seeing them as lucrative cash cows who are there to be bled dry in every way possible. Even mainstream motoring organisations such as the NRMA and RACV, that should be fighting for justice for motorists seem to go along with the government's bullshit about "Speed Kills" and that speed and red light cameras really do save lives, when it can easily be shown that not one of these devices has ever saved one life.

Motorists make up a massive number of people with a common cause. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, in 2002, the number of licensed drivers and motorcycle riders in Australia was a whopping 14,074,503 - yes, 14 MILLION people. That number in 2013 is probably around 15 MILLION motorists.

Could you imagine the result of an election, if even half of these motorists voted for Motorists Party candidates? The Liberals and Laborites wouldn't know what hit them. They would be wiped out. So it's not that bad an idea, because if the mainstream political parties treat motorists with utter contempt and just consider them to be targets to be ripped off, then they should be swept out and politicians who support fairness to motorists should govern.

As an exercise, I thought that it would be fun to create a hypothetical Motorists Party and draw up a manifesto with the aims of this fictional political party and see if I could come up with enough points that actually made sense, based upon hard facts and solid research. So here it is.


The aim of the Motorists Party is to bring fairness to the single biggest group of citizens in Australia, Motorists do not deserve to be treated as cash cows for rapacious governments that wish to fill their coffers by entrapping and ripping off motorists by using disgraceful and underhanded methods and rigging the justice system to make it as difficult as possible for motorists to contest unfair or wrongful penalties. So the Motorists Party has the following aims and if it wins government, will endeavour to implement these measures as quickly as possible.

More items will be added to the manifesto when I think of them. This is a work in progress.