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On 29 September 2014, I was contacted and interviewed by Marie Sansom, a journalist with the Government News in regard to a new design for parking signs. You can read her article here - NEW YORKíS GUERRILLA PARKING SIGNS COULD HIT SYDNEY STREETS.

This was my contribution to her article:

I have to thank Marie for at least giving CARR adequate exposure and actually quoting exactly what I said. It would be wonderful if only all reporters were like her.


On 14 April 2014, I appeared on Channel 7 News, giving a short piece of advice to motorists about avoiding toll roads. The report covered the overcharging of motorists by toll road operator Transurban, where it was forced to apologise and refund money to those motorists.

Press Play to see Ziggy and hear his comments on Channel 7 News

I was interviewed rather extensively by Channel 7 reporter David Eccleston and expected a lot more of his comments to be put to air. It was very disappointing that Channel 7 only used a lousy 7 seconds of airtime. The video clip has been edited to just lead into my appearance, rather than the entire report.

Out of all the information I imparted to the reporter, this is all that Channel 7 used:

"The best weapon of all is called the boycott. Boycott! Don't go on those damn things. Don't give them a cent."


On 09 April 2014, I was interviewed on-air by Sydney Radio 2UE presenters John Stanley and Gary Linnell.

Press Play to hear Ziggy's interview with John Stanley and Gary Linnell on Radio 2UE

The interview was in regard to toll roads and the 2UE campaign for a Toll-Free Tuesday as compensation for motorists who pay those exorbitant tolls, yet are grossly delayed on those toll roads by accidents, closures, roadworks and other impediments. As the presenter pointed out, other businesses would have to offer refunds to their customers for the non-provision of expected services, yet toll road operators take the money, regardless of whether their customers are provided with a smooth run or they sit in mobile parking lots.


On 27 January 2013, I was interviewed on-air by Sydney Radio 2UE presenter and famed motoring journalist John Cadogan.

Press Play to hear Ziggy's interview with John Cadogan on Radio 2UE

Please note John Cadoganís comments at the end of the interview. He says, "You know, he had me the whole way there, except for the bit about donít talk to the cops. I reckon you do have to have some sort of verbal exchange when youíre stopped at the roadside. You just donít have to incriminate yourself - thereís nothing under the law that says you need to incriminate yourself."

That observation is fair enough, however please watch the video clip Don't Talk To Police made by the amazing American law professor John Duane and his guest speaker, Officer George Bruch of the Virginia Beach Police Department. Although this video is based around US law, it applies exactly the same to Australia, even though we donít have the Fifth Amendment rights that Americans have. Give yoursdelf around 48 minutes of quiet time and watch this clip because it is absolutely riveting.

Then you will understand why I advocate that when you are pulled over by a cop, you ONLY give him the mandatory requirements - name, address, show licence and do the breath or drug test - AND THAT IS ALL. If the cop asks you anything outside of that, say NO COMMENT, no matter what the cop says or threatens you with.

The way to deal with cops is like being a prisoner of war - name, rank and serial number, because the evidence a cop gathers on you is not FOR you, it can be used AGAINST you. We have never heard of cops giving evidence in favour of defendants, so donít give them any evidence to use against you in the first place. Make sure that you read the Don't Talk To Police page in the Legal Issues section and you will learn exactly how to handle encounters with police.