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Well said, Ziggy. I canít imagine just how much time you must put in to reading articles from not only Australia but all over the world. I personally appreciate and look forward to reading your emails. They are quite simply informed and correct in stating whatís actually going on around us. Warm regards.

John Smyth

Thank you for one of the best most informative sites i have joined.

Shane Morgan

You are a legend. Thanks for all your hard work gathering info about ALL topics you raise, whether traffic, police, government, race, sexuality etc. I have only recently been a subscriber to CARR and regret not signing up years earlier. Keep up the awesomeness.

Glen Kingston

Just love it Ziggy. Take care mate and keep sticking it to the pricks.

Bill Nitschke

Hi Ziggy, Iíve recently discovered your site, the work youíre doing is bloody brilliant, pardon the language. You are a fucking champion, to say the least. Youíre an excellent communicator, which always frightens the authorities.

R Anderson

Dear Ziggy, just a sincere thanks to you for the help and advice to your Australian countrymen.

Roger Lewis

Keep up the extraordinarily fantastic work you're doing. I honestly believe you are making a difference out there, God knows I spruik your site everywhere I go.

Mark Campagna

Thank you for your thoughtful and altruistic actions and the enormous effort and time you spend writing your frequent emails which I find informative as well as revealing truths.

Carla Sitar

Ziggy, you are a legend. Thanks for a great website.

George Pleasance

I just want you to know what a wonderful service you have done, to have taken on this dedication and getting all these black boxes in for others to have this access. We are forever grateful that you have shared this well-researched knowledge to others.

Karen Schablon

I just want to say thank you to you, It was a great relief to me when I found your website after challenging, in court, a fixed speed camera infringement, outcome was favorable for me, sort of. Anyway your website and the emails you send out very informative And a tremendous help.

Carl Jones

Mate, I'm one of your biggest "fans" and advocates and just wanted to say kudos for telling idiots to fuck off....made my weekend. Hope you have a great weekend and keep fighting injustice.

Stephen Ostrer

Thank you for all your great work and information. I love your work in every aspect. I wish you were a pollie mate.

Mario Borg

Hi, I love this site, the most honest, transparent Australian site I've had the pleasure of joining.

Mark Campagna

Thank heavens for people like you ... You are one in a Million.

Elisa Tina

Ziggy, you are awesome. Thank you for your help.

George Pleasance

Hi Ziggy, thank you so much - always looking forward to your emails. Thank you for taking such good care of looking after us all.

Karen Schablon

Mate you're worth my weight in gold! Cheers.

Wayne Morgan

Astounding. Anyway, thanks for this mate, you are vindicated completely and your platform is highly credible, keep it up mate.

Craig Peters

I have been pushing what you say in this email for years. Let me offer you great accolades, as I have NEVER been able to sum up so succinctly all the facts, as you have done so in your MAGNIFICENT letter. You have got them fucked.

Scofflaw Smitho

Thanks Ziggy, consider yourself a proud member in my incredibly tiny list of highly intelligent contacts.. :)


Beautiful work Ziggy and CARR. Thank you for your enlightenment. Bravo.

Craig P

Thanks for the continued e-mails they are excellent and for the efforts you put in - I appreciate it very much.

Colin Lyall

Just wanted to let you know I appreciate your emailsÖ very interesting and informative.

Liz Bond

I will be spreading the word about CARR. This is great community leadership on your part.

David Redmond

I have found your website to be extremely interesting as well as very helpful. In a world where there are very out there to help unless it is of benefit to them it is heartening to come across a website like yours.

Yasmin Finlay

I have found your website to be helpful and agree that not everyone upholds the law. Due to your website I was able to contest a parking fine that was not legally issued (as was 15 others on the same day) of which all were cancelled. A few did not contest and chose to pay their fine. More fools them. Thanks again and appreciate all you do.

Neil Williams

I've been subscribed to your news letter for a while now and would like to say thanks for your efforts because you do a great job keeping everybody abreast of the ever changing Govt road scams.

David Dean

Got onto your website and like the vast majority of Aussies agree totally with points raised.

David Briggs

Your website and in particular the "News" items are of great interest to me and a wonderful source of information. I have always found your articles fun to read and look forward to reading them month after month. Please continue with this excellent website and don't be put off by those ignorant detractors.

Richard Beecroft

Keep up the good work. Regards,

Arthur Saroukos

Love your site Ziggy. Heaps of highly valuable information.

Olaf Koenders

I just came across your page and in particular the video of you with the police officer. I find it funny that you say the officer is entrapping vehicles and revenue raising instead of deterring them from speeding. Ok my friend the signs with big numbers on them in a red circle are what deters you from speeding unfortunately some people ignore those signs and speed and that's where the officer comes in and uses the laser and gives you a ticket for speeding. There is a simple rule in life don't break the law and you won't get fined simple isn't it.

Your just an annoying cunt with nothing better to do with his time, get a life and support those that protect the community.

Tony Richards

CARR Comments

CARR hardly ever gets abusive letters but this ignoramus simply doesn't get it. He doesn't understand that driving within the speed limit doesn't protect motorists from being booked by faulty speed cameras or cops with defective speed guns. CARR always supports police - if they are protecting people and upholding the law, not entrapping people and acting as the government's tax collectors. This Tony Richards (if that is his real name) sent another two abusive emails, but I chose to trash them.