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Ziggy Zapata appearance on Channel 7 News

Ziggy Zapata Interview With Radio 2UE's John Stanley and Gary Linnell

Ziggy Zapata Interview With Radio 2UE's motoring expert John Cadogan

Parking Fine Letter - Use this to query a council as to its right to levy fines.

Toll Response Letter - Use this to refute unjust tolling charges.

Toll Road Payment Avoidance Letter - Use this to refuse illegal electronic toll payments.

Police Powers - Keep this in your car to show police that they have no right under Common Law to detain you or to stop you recording them

Letter from Attorney General Robert McClelland - Councils are not recognised under the Constitution

Important legal precedents set in Victorian County Court - Judge Allen dismissed mobile camera booking

Victorian Supreme Court order against ACE Parking - Never ever pay a bogus parking fine

Father and son stick to guns to prove radar wrong - The precedent-setting Simotas cases

Case involving Section 10 of the National Measurement Act - Good evidence to use against speed measuring equipment

Vico v Care Parking - Motorist proves that private car parks cannot levy fines or penalties.

Consumer Laws - Guarantees

Consumer Laws - Refunds And Replacements

Australian Constitution - Know and understand your civil and legal rights

NSW Local Government Act - Understand what legal rights local councils have

NSW Road Users Handbook - Know the road rules

NSW Police Force Handbook - Understand what cops can or cannot do, especially when video recording them

Vacron CDR-E07-WiFi CarBox2 Player software and manual

Vacron CDR-E07 IBox Player software and manual for older units

How to install a Vacron car black box recorder neatly

Vacron Notes - Important technical and other information

Victorian Mobile Cameras Policy Manual

Victorian Speed Camera Site Selection Criteria

Red light cameras do not reduce accidents - Five studies prove that these cameras are just revenue-raisers

Yankelovich Clancy Shulman Study - Radar detectors promote safer driving

Bhargava Pathania Study - Talking on mobile phones while driving does not cause accidents

Speed Traps: Saving Lives Or Raising Revenue? - A revealing study by British sociologist Alan Buckingham