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All information, opinions and suggestions on the Campaign Against Ripoff Rackets (CARR) website are strictly my personal opinion and the opinions of some very knowledgeable people, based on their research and experience and they are accurate to the best of their knowledge. However this information should be regarded as strictly advisory and not proper legal opinion. CARR is not a legal service and I am not a lawyer.

There are many downloadable resources on the CARR website, but those that have been authored by me should be regarded only as guides that should only to be used at your own discretion and after obtaining proper legal opinion. The CARR website has substantial material to assist you to avoid being ripped off, but the onus is on you to take active measures to protect yourself.

Please understand that I do not operate as a consultant and do not have time to advise anybody how to deal with scams or anything else. There is plenty of useful information on the CARR website that you can use. So if you need information to deal with such matters and you cannot find it on the CARR website, you should consult a lawyer.

Most importantly, CARR and I will NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE IN ANY WAY for any consequences arising from the use of information on the CARR website or my personal opinions and observations.

Ziggy Zapata
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