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On Monday 08 February 2016, I happened to be driving on Pennant Hills Road, in the Sydney suburb of Pennant Hills, when I spotted a Highway Patrol car parked in the right turn lane on that road in the south-west direction. The cop was pinging motorists travelling towards him in the north-east direction. What this meant was that the cop could not even turn his car and go after any speeders and book them. Essentially all he was doing was using automated equipment to generate infringement notices, but not make any effort to stop anybody speeding. In other words, he was a government tax collector.

The cop's radar sensor is mounted on the RIGHT side of his vehicle. He was pinging oncoming traffic, which meant that where he was parked, he could not go and stop any speeders. He was just collecting taxes for the government by entrapping motorists and certainly not doing his job of stopping speeding drivers.

The cop was parked in a right-turn lane and blocking turning traffic that had to turn after avoiding his parked car. I demanded to know how he could legally park in such a place when he would immediately book any motorist who did the same. He quoted Section 301 of the NSW Road Traffic Act that allegedly exempted him from the rules that we mere mortals have to abide by. It was not an emergency situation, but the cop blocked the road anyway in his pursuit of revenue for his lords and masters, the NSW government. It is an utter disgrace that police are acting as checkout chicks for the regime and this is certainly not any form of proper policing.

So the next day, 09 February 2016, I lodged a formal complaint to the NSW Police about the activities of this Highway Patrol cop, as follows:

I would bet anything that I will get a response stating that the police officer was doing his job of "policing" and the term these bastards use is "enforcement" and not the right term, which is "entrapment". Police enforcement means crime PREVENTION. Letting speeding offenders sail by and continue to speed is not enforcement, especially when it is done for the purpose of generating revenue from infringements. The cops know it, the police commissioner knows it and the politicians who force cops to act as their tax collectors know it.

But the police and their masters need to be shamed and exposed. The more that cops get away with this despicable behaviour and not doing the actual job that we, their employers, demand that they do - such as stop offences BEFORE they happen by proactive police visibility, the more that they will get away with this entrapment policy. We have to do everything we can to expose them and force a change.


On 22 May 2014, a friend phoned and informed me that a mobile speed camera vehicle was operating next to Dural Country Club, a venue in the north-west Hills District of Sydney. I decided to drive up there, considering that it was not too far away from my residence. I parked right behind the vehicle, hopefully blocking the camera's view of the road, but of course parking quite legally, so the occupants could not do anything about that.

I then proceeded to walk around the vehicle and take photos and a video recording of the vehicle and the two occupants, who tried their best to shield their faces from me, without a lot of success. Here is a short video clip from the encounter.

These people operating mobile speed camera vehicles are private contractors and their activity is obscene. They damn well know that what they are doing is not going to prevent anybody from having accidents or being killed. They know damn well that their entire purpose is to just sit on the side of the road to photograph vehicles that may be exceeding the speed limit in order to generate penalties and revenue.

These bastards can't say that they are just doing their jobs, because that is the same excuse that Nazi war criminals tried to use at the Nuremburg War Crimes trials - "Yes, but I was just following orders." There are lots of jobs in Australia that do not involve entrapping fellow Australians in order to extort money from them with scams such as this. None of those mobile speed camera operators actually apprehend speeders and stop them from continuing. They just use technology to snap photos of cars exceeding the speed limit and allow those cars to continue speeding.

Despite what politicians and cops say, those mobile speed cameras are not performing enforcement. What enforcement means in this context is preventing speeders from continuing to speed at the time they are found to be doing so. The mobile speed camera operators have no powers to apprehend speeders and stop them from speeding at the time, so what they are doing is not enforcement at all, just entrapment for the purpose of raising revenue.

I actually sat on the opposite side of the road for around 30 minutes, signalling oncoming traffic that there was a speed camera vehicle ahead, so hopefully those mongrels didn't book one car in that time. If time permits, I will make a large sign, complete with flashing lights on it that reads - SLOW DOWN - MOBILE SPEED CAMERA AHEAD. Then whenever I hear that there is a mobile speed camera vehicle operating in my area, I will go and park my car on the approach to that vehicle with my flashing sign and ensure that all motorists are warned to slow down and make sure that those bastards don't make one single cent.


On the afternoon of 03 July 2013, I happened to be in the Sydney suburb of Silverwater, when I observed a NSW Highway Patrol vehicle park in the Avenue of Asia, just around the corner from the main road, Holker Street. The cop grabbed a hand-held speed gun and stood on the corner pinging motorists and booking them.

The cop saw me shooting a video of him and walked over to me. He asked me if there was anything he could do for me, whereupon I told him that he had already done it. The following conversation was most fascinating, however what became apparent very quickly was that this cop did not even know the law and he lied to me in an effort to intimidate me. He asserted that I was committing an illegal act and breaching the Listening Devices Act by recording him, which was just a load of garbage.

Apart from all the other federal and state laws that legitimise recording in public, the NSW Police Force Handbook states that recording police in public places is completely legal and that police have absolutely no right to try and stop members of the public from doing so, or trying to confiscate their cameras. But here was this cop, trying to intimidate me by misrepresenting the Listening Devices Act until I stared him down and he slunk off. What I should have done was to send the video clip to the Police Commissioner with a demand that this cop be disciplined for not only trying to bully me, but for being incompetent and completely ignorant of the law that he is charged to enforce. Watch the video clip and see the entire encounter.

I cannot blame this cop for standing there and entrapping motorists. He would have been under instruction from his Local Area Commander and the LAC would have been under instruction from a government flunky to send out the policemen in his command to raise as much revenue as possible. But what annoyed me was the fact that this cop had no idea of the law and that he tried to stand over me until I challenged him to arrest me.

Instead of this cop driving his Highway Patrol car up and down Holker Street and displaying a police presence, which would have had the effect of making motorists drive at or below the speed limit, he would have been under instruction to hide around a street corner, ensuring that his patrol car was hidden from the main road and jump out with his speed gun and book motorists to raise as much money as possible for the government. This is despicable, but that is what state governments are doing - using police as tax collectors instead of doing their proper job of policing and preventing or investigating crime.

Motorists should always be prepared to video record cops entrapping motorists and place those video clips on websites in order to shame governments that resort to using police as their tax collectors instead of doing their jobs in deterring speeding in the first place. The sad truth is that instead of deterring speeding by maintaining a visible road presence, police hide in bushes and behind billboards and corners with speed guns because they want motorists to speed and then fine them for doing so. It is despicable entrapment and every motorist should be fighting this scam.