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Campaign Against Road Ripoffs (CARR) is an Australian community organisation operating a website with a number of aims for the benefit of Australian motorists. CARR has the goal of providing motorists and other members of the public with information and resources to help them avoid being ripped off by toll road operators and rapacious state and local governments using entrapment and police as tax collectors. CARR is a public voice of protest and campaigns and lobbies against revenue-raising traffic cameras, toll roads that should have been freeways, unfair fines and penalties and other imposts. CARR exists to stop various governments and private organisations using motorists as vulnerable cash cows.


CARR is not and will not be affiliated with any person, organisation or group. This gives CARR full independence with its commentaries and opinions, as well as insulating it from any malfeasance by other parties. CARR applauds the aims of people and groups who are against the myriad rip-offs and scams perpetrated on motorists by governments and toll road companies, but CARR will always operate as a "Lone Wolf" entity.


The CARR Links page lists many useful resources. These links are placed on the CARR website by the Webmaster in good faith and at his discretion, however CARR takes no responsibility for any problems or losses suffered by anybody who uses them and any goods or services that they offer. All editorial material is as accurate as possible and all commentary is deemed to be in the public interest. CARR reserves the right to add, delete or change any facility or information on the CARR website as required.

From time to time, CARR will recommend resources and equipment that CARR considers to be beneficial to motorists. Because CARR has no affiliation to any manufacturers or services, CARR makes recommendations without any ulterior motives.


Because of the prevalence of smartphones, the CARR website has standardised on MP3 for audio and MP4 for video. The reason for this is that the Apple iPhone has a very limited range of supported media formats, but MP3 and MP4 are covered. Android phones should not have a problem playing those formats either.


CARR always seeks to generate public awareness for its aims in eliminating the ripoffs that motorists suffer. Media organisations are welcome to contact CARR founder and spokesman Ziggy Zapata for this, however there are conditions that are required to be met.

Material from the CARR website is freely available for use by the media. CARR asks that all media organisations attribute material obtained from this website to CARR and mention the CARR URL.


CARR is completely and independently maintained and privately funded. The aim of CARR is to be completely immune to any influence or pressure, therefore CARR does not seek or accept funding or donations from any source. Because of this, CARR operates without fear or favour.


CARR is not a law firm or advisory service and the webmaster is not a lawyer. Any information or advice offered on the CARR website does not constitute legal advice, but is merely opinion that cannot be relied upon as evidence to be used in courts of law. For firm legal advice, motorists should consult lawyers who are familiar with matters pertaining to the various road and traffic laws. The webmaster will NOT become involved in any legal action by subscribers or anybody else.


If people wish to receive emails from CARR containing information pertaining to motoring and other associated topical subjects, they may apply to become subscribers by completing and submitting the web form on the Subscriber Application page on the CARR website or by sending an email to CARR with the same information that is required on the web form. Subscribers can cancel their subscriptions at any time by notifying CARR. The CARR Webmaster reserves the right to add or remove subscribers for any reason or suspend or cancel the entire subscription service if necessary.


If emails to subscribers bounce back consistently and are undeliverable, those subscribers will be removed from the CARR Subscribers Database without notice and no further emails will be them. The onus is on subscribers to ensure that their email accounts are functioning if they wish to continue receiving items from CARR.


CARR occasionally sends out opinion pieces that may have little or nothing to do with motoring issues. Some emails will certainly offend people of certain religious, racial and ethnic persuasions. Although I consider CARR to be a community motoring organisation, it is my right to express any opinions that I see fit. I exercise my freedom of speech and expression to the utmost and I make no apology for my position on such issues. So if people are easily offended by politically incorrect commentaries, they should not apply to be CARR subscribers or visit the CARR website.


We, the motorists of Australia, have the right to travel upon the roads of this nation without impediment or obstruction and without being victimised by governments and police as a source of revenue or taxation.

We, the motorists of Australia, will cease to be targets and victims of governments, police and toll road operators. We will avoid being stung. We consider that what governments and police are doing to us is a form of warfare and highway robbery. Ned Kelly is alive and well and masquerading as a speed camera or a policeman with a speed gun and we will not allow these modern Neds to rob us anymore.


CARR is operated by Sydney resident Ziggy Zapata, who is a professional entertainer, computer and IT consultant and a retired commercial charter pilot. You can visit Ziggy's website at

Ziggy is fed up with being targeted by revenue-raising speed and red light cameras. He is angry that the police have become the government's tax collectors who entrap motorists to raise revenue for their political masters instead of enforcing the law properly and ethically.

He is incensed at governments and toll road operators turning public roads into goat tracks and placing diversions on roads in order to coerce motorists into using toll roads that should have been freeways paid by the massive taxes and charges that governments levy on motorists, on top of already high income taxes.

Ziggy is angry that there is a fuel excise, luxury car tax and other indirect taxes that were promised to be abolished when GST was introduced, yet still exist to rip motorists off even more. CARR is Ziggy's way of fighting back and educating motorists into methods to beat this incessant gouging.

DISCLAIMER - All information on the Campaign Against Road Ripoffs (CARR) website is of a purely advisory nature and should not be taken as legal advice. CARR and the webmaster will not be held responsible for any consequences arising from anybody using information on this website.